How do I connect Phorest to Facebook and Instagram Ads?

This article will show you how you can connect your Phorest system to the Meta Ads Manager for Facebook and Instagram.

 Feature in Testing

This feature is currently in testing but will be available very soon. If you're interested in becoming a Phorest feature tester, click here.

 Latest Version of Phorest Required

This feature requires Phorest version 8.4.25 or higher. You can get the latest version here on our Downloads page.

To get started, go to Marketing Manage my ads.


Click Get Started, and you'll be prompted to Connect to Facebook. Sign in to the Facebook account that is associated with your business, and follow the on-screen steps to complete the connection.


Once you're connected, follow this guide to find out how to run your first ad.

If you have already connected your Facebook Book Now button to Online Booking, you will still need to complete the Facebook Ads connection process, as a separate permission is required to run ads. Select the Facebook business page you have already connected to, and you'll be prompted to grant the extra permission when you create an ad.

Multiple Facebook Business Pages?

If you have multiple Facebook pages, you can connect them after connecting your first account by using the Facebook Page dropdown.


Having Trouble Getting Connected?

If you're having trouble getting connected, this is most likely due to a lack of admin permissions in your Meta Business Manager. Check out the steps below for a full list of permissions required.

If you're still having trouble after that, check out this guide for a full list of possible connection errors.

Meta/Facebook Admin Access Required

Should you have any issues connecting your Facebook page, this will most likely be due to your Facebook profile not having enough access permissions in the Meta Business Suite.

These permissions are enabled for page owners by default, however, if you are having trouble connecting, you can use the information below to check that you have the necessary access:

Admin access to your Meta Business Suite

When you visit, you should see the Meta Business Suite. If not, you will need someone with access to grant you access. Alternatively, someone else with access can complete the connection using their login.

Full control access to your Facebook page

Go to and click your name under the People section. You need to have Full control access. If you don't, the page owner will need to either complete the connection or update your Facebook access.


Instagram Ads access (if you want to run Ads on Instagram)

Go to > Make sure the right business is selected under Business settings > Instagram accounts.


Then, click on your profile and ensure the toggle for Ads is enabled

Full control of your Meta Ad account

Go to > Click on your profile name under People > Make sure Manage ad account is enabled.


 Next Steps - Creating an Ad

After you've connected your Facebook account, check out this guide to find out how to run your first ad.

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