Stylists Performance Overview report overview

This report gives an overview of each Stylist staff member’s performance between two dates. This report will only show services that have a service category from the HAIR category assigned to them (e.g Colour, Hair Treatment, Styling).

What the Report Looks Like


The Numbers Explained

# - This is the total number of client visits in the given period of time.

N - This is the number of those clients that were new, also shown as a percentage of the total # of clients.

RQs - This is the number of requests for a specific staff member in the given period of time.

NRQs - This is the number of new requests for a specific staff member in the given period of time.

Rat - This is the staff members’ average Review rating (1 - 5 stars) received from the emails sent to each client after an appointment (provided you have Review Requests enabled).

Direct Services - These are services carried out directly by the (stylist) staff member

Services by others - This amount reflects the value of services carried out on a stylist's clients by staff members who are not stylists themselves.

Products - The number of products sold by the stylist in the given period of time.

Total - This is the sum of all Direct ServicesServices by Others (Courses are excluded), and Products related to the staff in the given period of time

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