How do I link my Online Gift Cards/Vouchers to my website?

This article will show you how you can link your Online Gift Cards to your web page.

 First Steps!

Before you can link your Online Gift Cards to your website, you'll need to enable Online Gift Cards. If you haven't done this already, check out this guide to find out how.

By default, when you set up Online Gift Cards, your Online Booking page will automatically have a link added to your Online Gift Card/Voucher page, as seen below.


However, if you want to add this link behind a button on your website, you can:

Go to Manager > Settings > Online > Gift Card Sales/Gift Voucher Sales

Here you'll see your Gift Card/Voucher sales url. Click the Copy button to copy the link.

You can then embed that link behind a button on your website to link directly to your Online Gift Card page.


Embedding in an iFrame

It is also possible to embed your Online Gift Card page in an iframe on your website, if you would like to. This can be done using the HTML code below.

<div class="iframe-container">
<iframe src="" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0"></iframe>

You will need to replace the link in the code with your own Online Gift Card URL. 

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