What do I do if someone put in the wrong email when buying a Gift Card online?

This article will show you how to find a gift card that was bought online but the person buying it entered the wrong email address.

If a client buys a gift card online, they are asked to enter their first name and last name. If they entered the wrong email address when purchasing, their name will still be recorded and the gift card can still be found, corrected and resent to them by email.

To do this, go to Manager > Gift Cards/Vouchers, and use the search field at the top of the screen to search by name. You can also filter to the purchase date using the From and To filters.


Once you've found the gift card, double-click it.

You can then reassign the gift card to the correct client by clicking the magnifying glass beside Client > Search for and double-click on the correct client > Save.


A record of this change will be logged in the gift card History


Resending the Gift Card by Email

You can also resend this gift card by email by clicking the Email Gift Card/Voucher button.



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