This article will show you how you can add a Custom Fee, e.g. a Green Circle Salon fee or a PPE charge, to your Phorest system.

  Feature Currently in Testing

This feature is currently in testing, and only available to clients in our beta testing group. It will be available to all Phorest users very soon.

You can now add custom fees to any ticket automatically, which cuts out the manual steps required to add it. You can use custom fees for lots of things, but some of the most common use cases are:

  • Green Circle Fees - for those salons committed to being environmentally friendly
  • PPE Fees - cover the cost of extra protection during COVID
  • Credit Card Fees - if you wish to add a percentage fee for credit card payments, this is an ideal solution

Video Guide:

Step-by-Step Guide:

To get started, go to Manager > Settings > Financial > Custom Fees, then click Add Custom Fee.


Give your fee a Name, set whether it's a fixed or percentage fee under Fee Type, set the Amount, then choose whether the fee should be applied automatically to each sale when checking a client out (the fee can easily be removed at the point of sale if necessary), and choose if the fee should only be applied if there is a Service in the transaction (no fee if it's a retail sale only).


Here's what the fee will look like during a transaction, and you can remove the fee by clicking the X.


and here's how it will look under your Financial Totals report


If you choose not to Apply automatically, you can add the fee to a sale manually by clicking Hot Keys > Custom Fee


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