How do I pay off an outstanding balance on a client's account?

This article will show you how to process a client that needs to pay back an outstanding balance on their account, in the event that they owe money to the business.

How Can a Client Have an Outstanding Balance?

When processing a payment for a client, you can choose the Account option as the payment type. If you do this, and the client hasn't deposited any money toward their Client Card, then the client's account will start to gain an outstanding balance amount.


This balance can be viewed by going to Clients, opening a Client Card, and clicking Credit Terms.

How to Pay Off an Outstanding Balance

If a client has an outstanding balance, you will be notified on the Purchase screen when you go to process any payment for the client.


To pay off the balance, click the Outstanding Balance button


Then click Pay Off Account.


Once the calculator appears, enter the amount the client wishes to pay off the debt on their account.


Now complete the payment as normal choosing the correct payment method.

The next time this client goes to pay for something, you will see the same pop-up as above if they still have further money to clear the account. However, if their account is cleared you will see no further pop-ups. 

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