This report explores a breakdown of how staff are utilized in terms of revenue and performance.

 Where to find this Report

This report can be found under Manager > Reports > Additional Reports > Staff

The report will summarize each staff member's performance in a number of areas including their utilization, care factor, service totals, products totals etc. An example of the report can be seen below in addition to an explanation for each heading/figure shown.


If an '(A)' is displayed beside a staff member's name when you generate this report, it means that the staff member is archived.

  1. Employee - Lists all staff members currently set up on the system.
  2. Utilization - This value is obtained by dividing the Staff Total Time Worked (in seconds) by the Staff Total Working Time (in seconds). The result is given as a percentage to show how much of a staff member's time is spent on performing services. 
  3. Visits - are counted as unique guest visits per day. If a single client has one sale for a service and another sale for a product on the same day, this will be counted as a single visit. Visits are calculated per staff and not per salon. A single visit to the salon may contain visits to different staff members.
  4. Rebooked - This is the percentage of clients from the Visits total who either rebooked for a future appointment or already have a future appointment booked.
  5. Care Factor – The staff care factor is a percentage of the number of staff client visits that included a product purchase in a given period divided by the total number of staff client visits in the same period.
  6. Services - This is the number of services sold in a given period of time. This does not include series/courses. 
  7. Products - This is the number of products sold in a given period of time.
  8. Total - This is the sum of all services, courses and products sold in a given period of time.
  9. Avg Bill - This figure is calculated by dividing the figures contained within the Total column by the total number of Visits.


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