The staff performance detail report gives a breakdown of individual staff members' Performance in various areas of the business.

 Where to find this Report

This report can be found under Manager > Reports > Additional Reports > Staff


The KPIs show... 

  • The number of client visits to that staff member for that period. 

Note: Visits are counted as unique guest visits per day. If a single client has 1 sale for a service and another sale for a product on the same day, this will be counted as a single visit.

  • The number of new clients visiting the staff member for that period. Clients are considered new in this report when they are visiting this specific staff member for the first time (even if they've visited the salon before).
  • The number of client visits that included a product sale
  • The percentage of time the staff member was utilized for that period. 
  • The number of clients that pre-booked for their next appointment during that period. 
  • The number of clients returning to that staff member. 
  • The number of client requests for that staff member during that period. 
  • The number of visits that include multiple services during that period. 
  • The average rating for that staff member during that period. The review rating is calculated as a weighted average score. For more information on how this is calculated, check out this guide.
  • The average revenue that a staff member brings in per customer visit.

The report then shows the sales generated by the staff member broken down by Services and Products for the dates selected.

Note: Course/Series performed are included in the Services total.

It provides the Net values, the tax incurred, and a total for each, along with the percentage of revenue on Services against Products. 

Below that, you will see a breakdown of the number of treatments the staff member has completed under the heading of each service category (including courses performed) and the number of Products sold under each product brand

If you are processing online booking fees not through PhorestPay, those fees (0.60, 1.00, 1.50 amounts) are excluded in staff performance totals. If you are using online booking deposits through PhorestPay, these deposits are included in staff performance totals.

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