How do I do an inventory count/stock take on Phorest Go?

This article will show you how to create and submit a stock take/inventory count on an Apple or Android device using Phorest Go.

  Looking for the Desktop Version?

If you're looking to do an inventory count on Phorest Desktop on your computer, check out this guide.

Video Guide

Step-By-Step Guide 

Swipe in from the left, and choose Stocktake/Inventoy Count from the sidebar menu.


Choose New, or Resume if you are continuing from a previously created count.

If you're starting a new count, give it a name, use the Stock/Inventory Type option filter to a certain product type (optional), then tap Choose Brands to continue.

Choose the Brands you want to count, the tap Start to begin.

If this is your first time performing an inventory count, PhorestGo will request access to your device's camera. This is so you can scan barcodes using the camera.

Adding a Product

Use your camera to scan the barcode of a product, then enter the number of that product that you have counted, and tap Save & Add to add it to the inventory count.


Alternatively, you can use the + button to add a product manually.

Reviewing & Finishing

Once you've finished counting your products, tap the Review button.

Use the    button to add notes to your inventory if you need to. This can be used if you need to take note of anything, for example faulty or damaged inventory.

Notes will appear in your Reconciliation report, which can be generated on Phorest desktop by going to Manager > Stock Takes/Inventory CountReconciliation.

Tap the Finish button to finish your inventory count.

Completing & Applying Your Inventory Count

The final step in completing your inventory count is to apply it, which will result in each of the counted products being updated in your product list.

This step must be completed on Phorest desktop. Open Phorest on your computer and go to ManagerInventory Count/Stock Takes.

Single-click on your count, then click Apply Inventory Count/Stock Take to apply it.

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