Overview of Commission Paid to Staff over a Period of Time

This report shows a summary of the commission due to each staff member according to the Performance Overview Report. Commissions must be set up and activated in Phorest for this report to work properly.

To find out how to set up staff commissions on Phorest, click here. Otherwise use the Staff Performance Overview Report to calculate commissions.

 Where to find this Report

This report can be found under Manager > Reports > Additional Reports > Staff

Note: Commissions apply for the date range you have chosen. So if you apply commissions weekly, run the report every week. If you apply commissions monthly then run the report monthly.

Staff Name

This is the name of the staff member that sold services, courses, and products.

Services Ex VAT

This is the total net amount of all services sold by each of the staff members in the selected period of time.


This is the total net amount of all Series/Course sessions performed by the staff members in the selected period of time.
Commission is calculated on the sessions performed by each of the staff members, rather than the Series/Courses sold. 

Products Ex VAT

This is the total net amount of all products sold by the staff members during the selected period of time.

Total Ex VAT

This is simply the total net amount for all services, courses, and products sold.


This column displays the total commissions earned ( for services, courses, and products ) by each staff member, in the selected period. 

Applying higher brackets to full amount:

The Apply Higher Brackets To Full Amount option that appears before generating the report will give staff members that are on a tiered commission system the higher commission rate on the full amount that they have gained when that tier is achieved. 

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