How do I compose an SMS in old editor?

This article outlines how to set up text messages to send to your clients.

This article discusses how to compose an SMS using the old Phorest editor. Click here if you are looking to compose an SMS using the new editor

Creating Your Message

Go to MarketingCompose SMSUse old SMS editor.

Next, compose your message. You can type your own message or use the dropdown menu to choose from a set of pre-made templates.

You can use the macro button options on the right side to personalize your message or add links to your online booking or online gift voucher sites.

It is also important to keep an eye on the number of characters in your message. SMS technology has a limit of 160 characters per message, and this is a limitation set by SMS technology in general, not Phorest. If you exceed the limit, an on-screen warning will appear to notify you. Every SMS you send will be charged, and the cost will be charged at your standard rate.

Choosing Your Audience

Next, use the filters to choose who will receive the SMS.

Once you have your filters set, click Show Recipients to see a list of clients who will receive the message.

Alternatively, you can click Add Clients to select individual clients or use the Add All Clients button to send the message to all clients.

Once your list of recipients has been generated, click Next to continue.

Sending Your Message

On the final Send screen, you will see the total number of SMS you are going to send.

Here, you can give your SMS campaign a name, and then choose to send it immediately (Generate Now) or Schedule your message to be sent automatically at a later date/time.

Click Send once your ready.

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