How do I enable the Online Booking Waitlist (Online Booking Appointment Request feature)?

This article will show you how to turn on your online booking appointment request email.

Video Online Booking Appointment Request


Go to Manager > Settings Online

Make sure Allow Online Bookings is turned off.


Switch the Appointment Request Email toggle to Yes and click Save.

An Appointment Request Direct Link will appear for you to copy and include in marketing materials like SMS & Email, on your website, and in social media posts.

Note: All appointment requests are emailed to whatever email appears in the Email Address field below the link. If you need this changed, please contact our Support team by clicking the Contact Support button in your Phorest system.


Appointment Request Email Form  (Online Booking & Branded App)

For salons with Online Booking switched off, there is an option to enable a waitlist form on Online Booking and the Branded app. 


The client will be asked to fill out the below form.

Once clients submit their appointment request they will see this screen:


You will receive this email for each appointment request:


Note: You will have to manually maintain the waiting list from your emails, Phorest doesn't automatically record appointment requests. 

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