How do I turn on VIP Online Booking?

This article will show you how to turn on Online Booking for VIP clients with a unique booking link.

VIP Online Booking gives you the option to restrict Online Booking to selected clients.

Video: Enable VIP Online Bookings

Step-by-Step Guide

Go to Manager > Settings > Online > Online Booking


Turn the Allow Online Bookings setting to No.


The Enable VIP Online Booking options will now appear. Toggle it to Yes. A new VIP Booking Direct Link will appear. 

Note: With this setting turned on, only clients with the VIP link will be able to book.

Copy and paste this link to include in SMS/Email marketing communications to specific clients, or DM the link to select clients via social media.


Note: VIP Booking is not supported in the Branded App; VIP clients will only be able to book online via the link you send them.

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