How do I set up Email Receipts?

This article will show you how your salon can be more environmentally friendly by sending receipts to your clients by email.

Go to Manager > Settings > Point of Sale > Device


Under the Purchase Receipt Mode section, change the Receipt Email option to On or Optional, and click Save to finish.


Receipt Email On

Setting this to On will automatically send an email receipt to all clients that have an email address on their client card.

Receipt Email Optional

Setting this to Optional will allow staff members to press an Email Receipt button after the client has paid. If there is no email address saved on the client card when this button is pressed, the staff member will be prompted to enter one.


What Does the Receipt Look Like?


If your email receipt doesn't display your logo and you want to include it, click here to find out how.

Note: If you want to disable printed paper receipts entirely, change the left dropdown setting to Receipt Print Off. Alternatively, change it to Receipt Print Optional if you would like to still have the choice to print receipts sometimes.

In order to successfully send more email receipts to clients, you may want to consider making email addresses mandatory to capture when creating a new client. Click here to learn how to enable this setting.

Resending a Receipt

If you ever need to resend an email receipt to a client, click here to find out how.

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