How do I enable/disable the Abandoned Cart email that clients receive when booking online?

The Abandoned Cart Email is an online booking feature that will send an automatic email to clients who drop-off at the payment screen when booking online.

The purpose of the email is to entice clients to follow through with their online booking.

Note: The Abandoned Cart Email is enabled by default.

To enable/disable the Abandoned Cart Email, go to Manager > Settings > Online > Booking Rules.


Change the Send abandoned cart emails to Yes or No, then click Save.


When a client drops off at the payment section of online booking, (booking not paid or confirmed) the abandoned cart email will be triggered to send after 7 minutes.

The abandoned cart email will send out approximately 3 hours after the email is triggered.

Note: The time slot is only held for 5 minutes at the time of payment.


The abandoned cart email includes the client's name, service and staff member they initially selected.

If the client had multiple services selected, the email will display the highest price service only. 

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