How do I set up up a discount for Online Bookings?

This article will show you how you can set up an automatic discount for all services whenever they are booked online, and also how you can set up individual online discounts per service.

Setting up a Discount for All Services Booked Online

Go to Manager > SettingsOnline > Booking Rules


Change the Discount for online booking setting to either First Booking (meaning clients will only get the discount for their very first booking) or Every Booking.

Next, set the Discount Amount you want. You can choose either a Percentage amount or a Value amount in the field. When you're finished, click Save.


Note: If you ever want to disable this, change Discount for booking online back to Never and click Save.

Setting up a Discount for Individual Services

Go to Manager > Services, then single-click on a service to edit it.

Go to the Online & App section, then set a discount in the Discount field and click Save.

Note: If you are a multi-branch salon / have multiple locations in Phorest, then you can access this section by clicking the Branches tab > Click the Name of a Location > Online & App.


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