How to switch between branches/locations on Phorest Go.

This article will show you how to access your other branches from your Phorest Go mobile app.

Note: This only applies if you have more than one branch/location in your Phorest system. If you have an additional branch that is not yet signed up to Phorest, click here to send over your details via our Contact Form.

In Phorest Go, click the More button to access the menu. At the top of the menu, you'll see a dropdown option. Tap this option to access a list of branches to switch between, then tap the name of the location you wish to switch to. 


In order to be able to view another location on Phorest Go, the staff member will first need to be active in that location. If you don't see this list or don't see a particular location, click here for a guide on how to add a Staff Member to another location.

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