How do I add recovery time for staff between each online booking?

This article will show you how you can edit the Duration of a service to include gap/recovery/clean up time, and only display the actual service Duration on your Online Booking page and in your Salon Branded App.

Go to Manager > Services, and single-click on the Service you wish to edit the Duration of.

Edit the Duration to include the total time you want this service to block out on your calendar, including the Gap/Recovery time

For example: If it is a 45-minute service and you need 15 minutes of recovery time, add those together and enter 60 for the Duration.


Next, Click the Online & App tab on the left, then change the Online Duration minutes to the length of time the client is actually needed for.

The Online Duration does not affect the actual duration of the timeslot that is booked out in your calendar, and instead just displays a different Duration online to clients. Set your Online Duration and click Save to finish.

Using the same example as above, we would set this duration to 45 minutes.


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