How do I limit staff to see only their own column on Phorest Go?

This guide will show you how you can limit a staff member's access so that they can't see other staff columns on the Appointments calendar, only their own.

Go to Manager Access & License Keys

Use the Access Level dropdown menu to choose the relevant Access Level


 Useful Tip!

If you're not sure what Access Level is assigned to a particular staff member, go to Manager > Staff Members, and Single-click on the staff member's name. Their Access Level will be displayed on their main profile page.


Expand on the Phorest Go (Mobile) access level > Expand Calendar > Uncheck the View All Staff Columns access permission > Click Save.


Note: This will change access for all staff members using that Access Level. If you only want to change this for one staff member, you will need to create a new Access Level for them.

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