How do I remove an appointment on Phorest Go?

This article outlines how to delete or cancel a booking from your calendar using the Phorest Go mobile app.

In PhorestGo 2.0

First, tap on the appointment to open the appointment editor screen.

Removing a Service From an Appointment

If you only want to remove a service from an appointment, tap on the service > tap Remove service.

Deleting or Canceling the Entire Appointment

If you wish to remove the appointment entirely, tap More options, then choose to either Cancel or Delete the appointment.


In Phorest Go

Tap the appointment you wish to delete from the appointment screen. To Delete the appointment, you need to delete the service from the appointment. To do this, Swipe Left on the highlighted service you wish to remove.


Tap the red Delete button to delete the service, or tap the Cancel button if the client has cancelled their appointment.


Note: If An appointment has multiple services, you must remove each service for the appointment to be fully deleted.

Staff Access to Remove an Appointment

Deleting and canceling appointments in PhorestGo is currently tied to the Edit Appointments access permission under Phorest Go (mobile) and the Remove Service permission under Appointments.

Access to both of these permissions is required in order to remove an appointment in PhorestGo.



If the Edit Appointments permission is disabled, staff will also not be able to create or edit appointments in any way.

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