How can I store a client's card details with PhorestPay?

This article will show you how you can securely save a client's card details to their profile, for use in future payments, using PhorestPay.

  In the United States and using PhorestPay (International Bancard)?

This article applies to businesses using PhorestPay through Stripe. If you're in the United States using PhorestPay through International Bancard, check out this guide for information on Stored Cards with PhorestPay.

Storing Card Details Without Taking a Payment

Client Has Their Card With Them in Person

You can securely store a client's card details to their profile without charging a payment to their card using your PhorestPay Card Terminal.

To do this, go to Clients > Search for and click on the client's profile > WalletAdd Card.

Next, select the PhorestPay Card Terminal you would like to use to securely capture the card details, then click Save Card.


Your PhorestPay Card Terminal will then instruct your client to Tap, insert or swipe their card. Once this is done, their card details will be saved and can be used in future payments through Cardless Checkout.

Over the Phone

United States Only

This feature is currently only available in the United States.

If the client is not in the salon, you can still store their card over the phone without taking payment.

To do this, go to Clients > Search for and click on a client to open their profile > WalletAdd Card > Choose that the client is On the Phone > Select the terminal you wish to use > Click Save Card.

You will then be prompted to enter the client's card details, as well as the client's postcode, into your PhorestPay Card Terminal.

PhorestPay Terminal - Enter Card Details (Stripe).png

A temporary $1.00 authorization charge will be processed in order to verify that the card is valid. This charge will be reversed immediately afterwards.

Storing Card Details When Taking a Payment

Client card details are securely stored when one of the following occurs:

How Secure is Card Storage with PhorestPay?

Phorest Payments are Powered by Stripe, who have the very highest security and Level 1 PCI Compliance. Neither you, your staff, nor Phorest staff has access to the raw card details at any stage.

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