How can I add a tip to a sale when using a client's stored card?

This article will show you how to add a tip to a sale when using Cardless Checkout with PhorestPay.

Prompting for a Tip on Your PhorestPay Card Terminal

 Latest Version of Phorest Required

Desktop Version 8.4.53 or above is required to use this feature. Click here to download the latest version of Phorest.

To enable the stored card tip prompt on your PhorestPay Card Terminal, go to ManagerPhorestPaySettings > Edit Settings.

Change Tip Prompt with Saved Cards to Enabled, then restart Phorest for the change to take effect.

This setting is enabled by default if you are in the United States or Canada.

Once enabled, you will see a Card Terminal dropdown menu whenever you use the PhorestPay (stored card) payment type in a sale. You can use this dropdown menu to select which Card Terminal you want to send the tip prompt to.

Phorest Desktop

PhorestGo 2.0

This feature is only available on PhorestGo 2.0 and is not available in the older version of Phorest Go.

Your PhorestPay Card Terminal will then prompt your client to choose a tipping option. Once an option is selected, the total including tip will be displayed and this amount will be charged to their stored card after tapping Confirm.

The option for a custom tip is not available currently.

Prompting for a Tip Verbally

After prompting your client for a tip verbally, you can then add the tip to a stored card sale in Phorest by clicking the Add a Tip option at checkout.

Enter the tip amount and press OK.

Click the PhorestPay payment option to apply the full sale amount to the client's stored card, then click Pay to finish.

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