Can clients book Series/Course sessions online?

This article will discuss booking and buying Series/Courses online.

Currently, it is not possible for a client to buy a new Series/Course online.

However, if a client has already purchased a Series/Course with you then they can book their sessions online and in your Branded App provided that the service within the Course/Series is available to be booked online.

If a client has remaining Series/Course sessions then they will not be charged a deposit when making the booking. Instead, the booking will come in priced at 0.00

My client has Series/Course Sessions remaining, but is still being charged when booking online?

Client Information Possibly Not Matching

If a client has active remaining sessions but is still being charged when booking one of those sessions online, check the client's email address with them and verify that you have the same email address on their Client Card in Phorest (Manager > Clients).

Sometimes, clients will sign up for online booking using a different email address than the one you have on their Client Card in your Phorest system. In this case, there will most likely be two client cards. You can merge the client cards to fix this.

Series/Course Not Redeemable in Another Location

If you have multiple locations in Phorest, you can set whether series/course sessions can be booked in other locations or just the location it was purchased in. For more information, check out this guide


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