How do I refund a product that was purchased in the Online Store?

This article will show you how you can refund a client who bought an item from your Online Store.

First, find the original transaction date. You can do this by going to Manager > Online Store > Orders and single-clicking the order number.

You will see the original purchase date at the top of the screen


Next, go to Manager > Sales, and navigate to that date using the calendar at the top of the screen.

You can search the client's name to help find the transaction.


Once you've found the sale, single-click it and then click Void.

If you do not see a Void button, click the Undo button instead.

Enter your reason for voiding the transaction, e.g., 'client no longer wants the product(s)', then click OK.

The transaction will now be voided, and the client will receive a full refund on the card used in the original purchase.

If you want to refund using a different Payment Type (like Cash, Bank Transfer, etc.), use the Refund button instead of the Void button.

Note: Refunds usually happen within 1-2 business days but can be delayed 5-10 business days, depending on the bank.

Refunding Part of the Sale/Partial Refund

If the sale contained multiple products and the client only wants a refund for one or more of them, use the Refund button, then choose the method of payment to refund. Currently, partial refunds cannot be processed back to the original card automatically.  

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