How do I add Clarins products to my Online Store?

This article will show how to add Clarins products to your Online Store.

Phorest has partnered with Clarins to make sure all of your Clarins online products have the most up-to-date images, descriptions and categories as soon as you add them to your Online Store.

Note: If you want to sell Clarins products online but are not a Clarins Gold Salon, please get in touch with your Clarins representative.

To view your list of Clarins products in your Online Store, go to Manager > Online Store, then filter your Brand to Clarins.

Your Clarins products will automatically have official, up-to-date information populated in the Image & Text and Category sections.


The information is matched to a product based on the barcode, so it is important to ensure you have the correct barcode on your products.

Use the Available Online option to choose the Clarins products you want to sell in your Online Store. Once set to Yes, a product will instantly be available in your Online Store.


Each product will also have an individual Copy Link button that can be used to promote a specific product.


Unable to Make a Product Available Online?

If you're having trouble making a product available online because it's missing a Category, it is likely that Clarins hasn't updated the product to be listed in the Phorest Online Store yet. To get this resolved, please contact your Clarins representative.

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