How do I manually add a client's Course/Series that wasn't sold in Phorest?

This article will show you how you can manually add a client's Course/Series that wasn't sold in Phorest, and is typically useful if you have recently moved to Phorest from another software/pen & paper.

 First Steps!

Before you can manually add a client course/series, you will need to have created the course/series in your Phorest system. If you haven't done this already, click here for a guide on how to create one.

To begin, go to Manager > Courses/Series > Client Courses/Client Series, and click Add


On the next screen enter the client's name (use the Select button to choose a client from your client list), pick the Course/Series to manually add, then adjust the Purchase Date and Expiry Date accordingly.

You can also use the Notes field to add any relevant notes.

Click Save to finish adding the client course/series.


Need to adjust the remaining sessions?

If you are manually adding a course/series where sessions have already been used in the past, simply double-click the units remaining to adjust them, then click Save to finish.


To learn more about areas like this in your Phorest system, enroll in our Manage Your Services And Series course in Phorest Academy - online, on-demand, and on-the-go learning for busy salon professionals.

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