How to add a course/series of services?

How to add a Course/Series/Package of treatments in Phorest

 A course/series of services is a bundle of the same treatment for a set price EG 5 facials for £100. To create courses on the system go to Manager > Courses

Click the Add button in the bottom left-hand corner.

Next, we need to enter the details of the course.

Course Name: Enter the name of the course.

Service: Choose the service the course is associated with.

Unit Type: Choose from sessions or minutes. Sessions are the number of units in the course e.g x3 blow-drys. Minutes can be used for services such as Sunbeds

Total Units: How many services they get in the course

Total Price: How much the total is for the course of services

Click OK to add this session to the course.

If you want to add a different group of services to the same course - e.g. 3 Facials and Manicures then you can click Add Service and go through the process again.

Finally, click Save to add this to your list of courses.

Note: If you are part of a multi-branch business, then you will also see a button to allow this course to be used in other branches, so you no longer have to build the course in the Chain Library

If you have previously sold a Course/Series to someone and they have some left you can manually add them to Phorest. 

You must sell the course/ series through the purchase screen before adding a service.

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