How do I create and apply new Tax rate?

This article will show you how to create a new tax/VAT/GST bracket and apply it to services and/or products.

Creating a New Tax Rate

Go to Manager > SettingsFinancials > Tax Brackets.


Select either Service or Product, depending on which type of tax you wish to create.

Click +Add to begin creating your new tax rate, enter the tax name and rate, and then click Save Changes to finish.


The new Tax rate has been created, and you can apply it to your services/products.

Applying a new tax rate to a service/product will not change the tax rate for previous sales that have already happened. It will only be applied to new sales after the tax rate has been applied.

Applying a Service Tax Rate

Go to Manager Services > Search for and click on the name of the service > Advanced, then apply the new tax rate and click Save.


 Multiple Locations in Phorest?

If you have multiple locations in Phorest, tax rates are applied to services once per each individual location. You'll need to click on the Branches tab, then the name of a location, before going to the Advanced section to apply the tax rate.


Applying a Product Tax Rate

Go to Manager Inventory/Stock > Click a product to edit it > Use the Tax dropdown menu under Inventory and Pricing to select your new tax rate > Click Save changes to finish.

Bulk Applying a Tax Rate

If you need to bulk apply this new tax rate, check out this guide to find out how.

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