How do I bulk apply a Tax/VAT rate to Services or Products?

This article will show you how to apply tax rates to all products or services

Go to Manager > SettingsFinancials > Tax Brackets


Click Apply Service Tax to apply to Services, or Apply Product Tax to apply to Products.


If you need to create a new Tax/VAT rate, click here for a guide on how to do that.

Use the Select Service Category dropdown to choose which Service Category/Product Brand you would like to apply this Tax/VAT rate to or select All in the dropdown to apply to all.

Note: If you only need bulk change the tax/VAT rate for some Services/Products, then you will need to repeat this step one by one for each applicable Service/Product Brand.

In the Select Tax Rate area, click the box beside the relevant Tax/VAT rate you wish to bulk apply. When you're ready, click OK to finish.

Bullk Apply Tax Rate.gif

How Does This Affect My Sales?

The newly applied tax rate will only apply to sales transactions that happen after the bulk application. Any sales before that point will still retain whatever tax rate applied at the time of sale.

What About Archived Services/Products?

The tax rate for archived services/products will also be updated when you apply a bulk update.

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