How do I create and edit staff rosters/schedules on Phorest Go?

This article will show you how to create a staff schedule using the Phorest Go mobile app (iPad/iPhone/Android).

Open Phorest Go on your mobile device, tap More (or swipe in from the left of your screen) > SettingsStaff Rosters.

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Tap the name of the Staff Member, use the Next Week or Prev Week buttons to navigate to the preferred date, and then tap on the date to begin creating or editing the schedule for that staff member.


Choose the type of event you're looking to schedule:

  • Working will schedule the staff member for work, and open their appointments column for that day.
  • Non Working can be used to create a HolidaySick DayTraining, or a Custom non-working day.
  • Off can be used for days off.


Next, set the Start Time and End Time of the shift, and use the Repeat function if this shift needs to be repeated in the future. Once you're happy with your selection, tap Done and then Done again.

You can use the Repeat Forever option to set this schedule to repeat without an end date or use Repeat Until to repeat the schedule until a particular date.

Creating a Split Shift

You can use the Add Shift button to create a split shift.


Using the example above, this is what that split shift would look like on the Appointments screen.


Removing a Split Shift

If you want to remove a split shift, swipe left on the shift and press Delete


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