This article outlines what can and cannot be done in a Change of Ownership.

Sometimes there may be a change of ownership required in a business where someone new has decided to take over the ownership and data of the previous owner. There are two types of Change of Ownerships:

1. Simple Name Change:

This is the easiest and quickest way to change the owner on the account, it involves 2 forms being filled out which Phorest will send you. Once these forms are filled in by the current and new owner, the name can be changed. This is for owners planning on taking over the current system and all data inside of it. 

Important: Please be aware that this includes previous financial data.

2. New System Required:

This is a slightly longer process, once the forms are filled in by both parties, a new system can then begin to be built for the new owner. This system will include any data which the previous owner agrees to hand over (for example only wanting Client information to be given) 

If you do decide to go for this process, it can take up to a few weeks for the new system to be ready to use, depending on the resources available to Phorest at that time. Please review the following information and express in writing that both the current and new owner(s) are happy to go ahead with the change. Please email this over to /

Information that CAN be transferred to the new account:

  • Clients
  • Future Appointments 
  • Staff Members
  • Services 
  • Products 
  • Barcodes
  • Service & Product History
  • Vouchers
  • Packages
  • Treatpoints

Information that CANNOT be transferred to the new account:

  • Online Booking Appointment data(i.e. If the appointment was booked online the deposit will be dropped and remain linked to the previous system, the same goes for client courses, it won't show as a course, just a regular service.)
  • Service History & Product History will be read-only (ie you cannot do marketing based on the previous history or see it in the calendar)
  • Patch Tests
  • Previous reporting data
  • Consultation Forms -Both built ones AND ones filled out by the client already
  • Rosters
  • Any treats set up
  • Staff Qualifications
  • Online Booking deposits - this will mean that the no shows can no longer be charged on clients that are being brought over
  • Courses including any course sessions booked in on the system(course sessions on the appointment screen will appear as full price, you will need to manually change to 0)

Important: The Salon Branded App will need to be rebuilt and clients will need to create brand new online booking accounts in order to use your new online booking system.

Next Steps

If you are happy to go ahead with Option 2, please read the above carefully and email Phorest in writing to say you are happy to go ahead. 

Any questions please reach out to

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