How do I refund/undo a course/series sale?

Refunding a Course/Series With No Used Sessions

To refund a course/series, where the client has just paid for the course/series but hasn't booked any sessions yet, go to Manager > Sales > Navigate to the date that the course/series was purchased > Single-click the transaction to highlight it, then click the Void button at the bottom of the screen.


If you cannot find the original purchase date of the course, go to Clients > Search for and double-click on the client's name to open their Client Card > Click Courses/Series > Double-click the course/series name > Click History, and you will the date it was Purchased.

When prompted to enter a reason for voiding the transaction, leave a note to indicate that the client was refunded (e.g. 'Client requested a refund as did not want course/series').

After voiding the transaction, the course will be removed from the client's Client Card, and you can proceed with refunding their money to them.


If the client was charged through PhorestPay using a PhorestPay Card Terminal or with a stored card using Cardless Checkout, money will automatically be refunded to the client's account within 5-10 business days after you void the sale.

Note: If you are in the US and using PhorestPay through International Bancard, voiding a sale is only possible if the original series sale happened today and you are also refunding today. If the sale happened before today, click here to learn how to refund as an Open Sale.

If you try to void the transaction and receive the error below, check out the additional sections in this article below on how to refund a course/series when sessions have been booked or used.


Refunding a Course/Series Where Future Sessions Have Been Booked but Not Completed

If a client has purchased a course/series and booked some sessions in the future, you will need to remove these appointments first before being able to undo the course/series sale.

To find these appointments, go to Clients, then search for and double-click on the client's name to open their Client Card. Once in the Client Card, go to Service History. Here you will see all of this client's appointments, and future appointments will be highlighted in Green.

Any future appointment that is a course/series session will have the word 'course'/'series' in brackets after the service name.


Take note of the appointment dates, then go to your Appointments calendar > Navigate to those dates > Delete the appointments by single-clicking them and clicking Remove.

After you've removed all appointments relating to this course, follow the steps at the top of this article to void the course/series transaction.

Refunding a Course/Series Where Some Sessions Have Been Used

You will not be able to Void a course/series sales transaction where appointments have been completed in the past.

Instead, you will need to refund this as an Open Sale and then reduce the number of remaining course/series units to 0.

Processing the Refund

Go to ManagerSales > Search for and single-click on the original course sale > Click Refund.

Choose the staff member to process the refund under > click Hot Keys > Open Sale.


Next, click the calculator and enter the amount you wish to refund. Make sure to click the minus (-) symbol to process the transaction as a refund. Click OK.

In the Description, enter the reason for the refund (e.g., 'Partial refund of course/series').

Change the Type to Service, then click OK.


Click Pay and choose the payment type you wish to refund to, then click Pay again to complete the refund.

If the original sale was processed using a PhorestPay Card Terminal, refund to either the Credit or Debit payment type (you will only be able to choose whichever one was used in the original sale), and the money will be refunded to the client's account within 5-10 business days. Money will be refunded to the client's card automatically, and the original card does not need to be present.

Removing the Remaining Course Sessions

After you've processed the refund, go to Manager > Courses/Series > Client Courses/Series, then search the client's name and double-click on the course/series.

Double-click on the Units Remaining and change the number of remaining units to 0.

Enter a note to mention that the client received a refund, then click Save.


Refunding as Credit on the Client's Account (Store Credit)

If you would like to refund the series/course either fully or partially as credit on the client's account for them to use in the future, follow these steps:

Manually Change the Remaining Sessions to Zero

First, you will need to remove the remaining session units. To do this, go to ManagerSeries/Courses > Client Series/Courses > Search for and open the clients series/course.

Next, change the remaining sessions to 0 and leave a note for future reference, then click Save.


The client's course/series can now no longer be used, and you can manually apply credit to their Client Card which can be used for future purchases. If you're not sure how to manually apply credit to a client's account, find out how using this guide.

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