This report shows the value of all the vouchers that are yet to be redeemed and have an outstanding value yet to be exchanged for goods and/or services

This report shows a list of all gift cards/vouchers with a remaining balance greater than zero at the end of the selected period, the gift cards/vouchers are sorted by serial number.

Serial Number

This is the gift cards/vouchers serial number.


This is the name of the customer who purchased the gift card/voucher.

Branch Sold

Only Applies to Multi-Branch (single branch salons will not see this heading).  This gives details of which branch sold the gift card/voucher. 


This is the remaining amount held by the gift card/voucher at the end of the period.

Issue Date

This is the date the gift card/voucher was created.

Expiry Date

This is the date of the gift card/voucher expiry date. 

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