This report shows a breakdown of all vouchers which have been cashed in and their remaining balance

This report then shows all the gift cards/vouchers that have been redeemed between the selected dates. The report doesn't show expired vouchers.

This report shows the list of all gift cards/vouchers in the system sorted by the serial number, the amount they were sold for and how much of the voucher has been spent during the dates selected.

Serial Number

This is the gift card/voucher serial number.

Recipient Name

This is the name of the customer that purchased the gift card/voucher.

Voucher Amount

This is the amount held by the gift cards/voucher at the beginning of the given period.


This is the amount spent using the voucher during the given period.
Please note that the redeemed amount can be higher than the initial voucher amount because the voucher can be topped up during the given period.


This is the remaining balance of the voucher at the end of the period. For the same reason explained above, the remaining amount can be bigger than the initial voucher amount if it has been topped-up.

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