This report will show you all of the TreatCard rewards that the salon has given clients between the selected dates.

  • Number of Rewards Received: Shows the number of clients who received a TreatCard Reward in the given time period.
  • Percentage Who Purchased Again: Shows the percentage of clients who purchased from the category again
  • Date: The date of when the TreatCard Reward was redeemed
  • TreatCard: This is the unique number of the TreatCard associated with this client
  • Client Name: The person who claimed the TreatCard Reward
  • Reward: The name of the TreatCard Reward redeemed by the client
  • Matrix: Specifies if the Matrix was set to active or inactive at the time of when the Reward was redeemed
  • Purchased Again: Shows the number of items within the same category purchased again by the client between the selected dates
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