How do I add an existing service from one location to another?

This guide will demonstrate how to share one or multiple services from one location to another.

This article is revelant to businesses with two or more locations in Phorest.

Adding a Single Service to Another Location

Go to Manager > Services > Click on the name of the Service.


Select the Branches tab at the top of the screen, then set the Available option to Yes for each of the locations where you wish to enable that service.


Bulk Adding Multiple Services to Another Location

Go to Manager > Services, then check the box beside the name of each of the Services you wish to add to another location(s).

After you've checked each relevant Service, click the Import button


Check the box beside the name of each location you would like to add these Services to, then click Apply.

The services will now be added to those locations.


 Next Steps!

After you've added your services to your new locations, make sure to go into each of those locations and set which Staff Members can be booked for those services.

You may also want to change the price or service duration so it is different in each location. Check out this guide to find out how.

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