How to sell a Course / Series of Treatments.

This article explains how to sell a course or series of treatments in Phorest

To sell a course, go to the Purchase Screen.

Enter the client's details, choose the name of the staff member, then click the Courses button.



Then select the course.

Click Pay and select a payment type, and pay off as normal



To use a session from a course, click on the time on the appointment screen.



Enter the clients details (as shown in point 1. below) , it will then prompt you asking if you would like to select a service from the clients course, click Yes (2.).



Choose the appropriate course ( a client may have more than 1 at a time)



The screen will then show you the components of the course ( along with the amount they have left).  Click on these to add them (1.) and then click Done (2.)



Then pay it through as normal.  It will appear as zero value in the purchase screen and a session will be deducted from the client's course. 


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