How do I sell a product online even if the product quantity is 0?

This article will show you how you can update a product to be available for online purchase even if the product is out of stock in your Phorest system.

In your online store, you can manage whether or not out-of-stock products can be sold online. By default, any product available online is hidden from the online store once it's out of stock.

If you regularly replenish your inventory, then you may want to continue selling a product online even if it's out of stock. 

GIF: Sell Out of Stock Products



To continue selling an out-of-stock product, click on the product from the online store product list. 

Scroll to the bottom of the product screen and tick the Continue selling when out of stock checkbox.


Click Save.

Once this product is sold out, it will remain available on the online store screen. 

Two looped arrows represent products that can be sold when out of stock in the products tab of your online store. These arrows only appear if the inventory levels for that product are 0 or less.


The inventory level will turn red if it reaches 2 or below for products that can't be sold below zero. Once it reaches 0, the product is automatically removed from the online store and will automatically reappear once back in stock.


If a product was available to sell when out of stock and was sold 'below zero' but has since been discontinued from selling when out of stock, the inventory level will remain red and display how many units below stock were sold.


In the image below, we can see:

  • 1 PreCleanse Balm product was sold when it could be sold when out of stock but has since been made unavailable for clients.
  • The Nightly Lip Treatment product can continue selling 'below zero', and while out of stock, 2 units have been sold (and will continue to sell).


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