How will I receive money from Online Store products sold?

This article will explain how salons receive money from sales through their Online Store

Note: This article is only applicable to salons in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland who are receiving money from online store sales through Phorest processed by Stripe. 

Australian salons are subject to a 5% processing fee.

USA salons will be subject to transaction fees and receive money aligned with their agreement with Bancard (Phorest Pay)


Online store sales will typically take 7-8 days to arrive in a salon’s bank account.
Phorest schedule a weekly payout that pays all monies owed up to a salon to 3 business days previous.

By enabling the Online Store you are agreeing to the following terms: 

UK & Ireland: Online Store transactions are subject to a 2.9% +0.25p / c processing fee.

All fees will be deducted before the payout is deposited in your bank account.

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