How do I post or share my client's reviews on Facebook?

This article outlines how to reshare/repost Phorest reviews to your Facebook Timeline.

 First Steps!

In order to share reviews, you'll need to make sure you're requesting them first. If you haven't set up your automatic Review email/SMS, check out this guide to get started!

Posting reviews to Facebook is a fantastic way of promoting your business on social media.

Go to Marketing > Reviews, then click the Facebook icon beside a review in order to share it.


You will be prompted to link your Facebook business page to Phorest, which will look like this:


Click OK, then sign in to Facebook in order to link your account. Once done, go back to Marketing > Reviews in Phorest, and click the Facebook icon beside a review in order to share it to your Facebook Timeline.

Note: This will post the review to your Timeline on Facebook, and not to the Reviews section on Facebook. Facebook does not allow other software to post to their review section.

Enhance Your Review Management with Online Reputation

Take your review management to the next level with the Online Reputation feature. Click here to find out more.

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