How do I remove people from my Marketing Filter in the old editor?

This article outlines how to target your clients in a marketing campaign


Sometimes in marketing you want to remove people from your filters. For example - You want to send a promotion to all people except those with a future appointment.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to Marketing, and click on the Templates and Filters button

  2.  Click on  Client Filters button
  3. Click on the Add button to add a new filter

  4. Choose Any Visit less than zero days ago in the first filter (ie. clients with a future appointment).

  5. Save the filter giving it a descriptive name like 'Any future visit', then click on Show Recipients button

  6. This will then show you a list of clients whose results match the filter entered.  Click Save to save this filter.

  7. Now start a new marketing sms or email campaign, go to Marketing and click on Compose SMS or Compose Email

    Choose a template or create one and then click Next

  8. Go to Advanced filters (point 1. below), enter the filters (as shown in point 2. below) choose Client Filter Is Not - then the filter you created earlier.

  9. Then click the Show Recipients button and all clients relating to this filter will be shown, MINUS anyone who has a visit after today (as per point 3. below) and finally click Next(4.)


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