How can I sell products on Facebook or Instagram? (Meta Commerce Manager)

This article will show you how to link products from your Phorest Online Store to your Facebook or Instagram business page.

  To Begin

In order to begin selling your products on Facebook, you will need to add Products through Meta Commerce Manager. Click here for Meta's guide on how to get started

Phorest does not currently integrate with Meta Commerce Manager. Each product you want to sell will need to be added manually.

When going through Facebook's setup process, you will get to a point where you will start adding your Products to the store.

You will need to add the Website link for each Product, which you can copy from Phorest. You will need to add the remainder of the product information manually.


Getting the Website Link

Open Phorest and go to Manager > Online Store. Here you will see a list of your Phorest products. You will see a Copy Link button next to each active Product in your Online Store.

Click the Copy Link button, then go back to your Facebook Commerce Manager screen and paste the link into the Website link field.


Repeat this process for each product you want to add to your Meta Commerce Store.

  Want to Sell Products on Instagram?

Check out this Instagram guide to get started.

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