How do I remove Client Gender from Phorest?

This article will show you how to remove the client gender option from anywhere in your Phorest system

Important: This feature is currently undergoing testing and is not yet fully released. If you are not part of the testing group you currently will not see this feature.

To remove the client gender request from Phorest go to Manager > Settings, then under the General tab, click Client Setup and single-click the Gender neutrality toggle to change it to Yes.

Once disabled, Phorest will completely remove the Female / Male gender options from your Phorest system.

Below are the areas that will display or remove gender options based on your preferred settings:

On the Client Card

On the Create an Appointment screen

In Marketing Filters

On Consultation Forms

Additional Gender options on New Consultation Forms

If Gender Neutrality is disabled in Phorest, a third option - Undisclosed -  will appear on new Consultation Forms:

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