Frequently Asked questions about Courses/Series

This article outlines where to find information about Courses/Series.

How Do I Create a Course/Series?

Go to Manager > Courses/Series and click +Add Course/Series. Enter the Course/Series details, then click Save to finish.

For a more in-depth look at adding Courses/Series, click here.

How Can I Sell a Course/Series?

Go to Purchase > Select the client > Click Courses/Series > Select which course you wish to sell > Complete the sale.

You can also enable a pop-up message that prompts you and your staff to convert appointments into Course/Series sales whenever possible. For more info, click here 

How Does a Client Redeem a Course/Series?

When creating an appointment for a client who has already bought a course, a prompt will appear when adding the service.

To book a session from the client's Course/Series, click Yes, then select the session.

How Do Courses/Series Affect My Reporting?

Financial and sales reports will show the revenue generated on the day the Course/Series was sold.

Staff performance and commission reports are updated every time a session is redeemed.

Other Useful Info

  • To see a full list of clients who have purchased a Course/Series, go to Manager > Courses > Client Courses. Here, you can also edit the number of remaining minutes or sessions that the client has left. Course/Series information is also available in a client's profile, as well as their history of sessions redeemed.
  • Currently, Courses/Series cannot sold online. However, if a client has purchased a Course/Series already and then goes to book a service online from that Course/Series, Phorest will deduct this from the course total for that client. This will only work if the client books the service that was used to build this course in Phorest. For more information, click here.
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