What are In-House Deposits and how do they work?

In-House Deposits allow you to take an appointment deposit in person or over the phone through PhorestPay.

This feature is available to businesses using PhorestPay through Stripe. If you are in the US using PhorestPay through International Bancard, please see how to add a deposit to a client's appointment.

  First Steps: PhorestPay & Latest Version of Phorest Required

Before you can start using In-House Deposits, you will need to set up your PhorestPay account.
If you haven't done this already, go to Manager > PhorestPay to set this up, or click here for a full guide on how to get set up.

You will also need the latest version of Phorest, which you can download here.

Video Guide

Step-by-Step Guide

How does it Work?

To take an appointment deposit in-house, click the Deposit options button when creating/editing an appointment.


Next, choose whether you want to add a monetary or percentage amount, then enter your Deposit Amount.

Note: The deposit amount will need to be higher than the minimum deposit amount displayed in the summary at the bottom of this window.


If there are multiple services in the appointment, the deposit will automatically be split pro-rata across each service in the appointment.

Next, enter the client's card information and choose whether to save the client's card details to their client card, which can then be used as a Cardless Checkout payment for this appointment and for future bookings.

Note: In order to charge a No Show, you will need to save the card details when taking an In-House Deposit. If you ever need to remove a client's stored card details, check out this guide to find out how.

When you're ready, click the Complete payment button to finish adding a deposit to the appointment.

The appointment will show the total amount to be paid after the deposit and display a checkmark to say a deposit has been paid.


The appointment will also display the Deposit Paid $ icon.


Taking a Deposit on PhorestGo 2.0

  PhorestGo 2.0 Required

To get PhorestGo 2.0 on your smart device, search for it on your app store or click on one of the links below:

    iOS Store (iPhone or iPad)
  Google Play Store (Android device)

To take an In-House Deposit on PhorestGo, tap on an appointment > Tap More options.

Then, tap Take a deposit.

The deposit amount will default to 10%. However, you can adjust this if needed.

Enter your deposit amount, then tap Collect deposit.

If the client has a stored card through PhorestPay, you can use that card to collect the deposit automatically. Or, choose manually enter card details if you wish to type their card details in manually.

If you are manually entering card details, you can choose to store the card for future use. It's important to confirm with your client that they are happy for their card details to be securely stored.

If you do not wish to store the client's card details, leave this option disabled and tap Use card to continue taking the deposit.

Once the deposit has been taken, you will see a Deposit paid confirmation screen.

Refunding a Deposit

In-House Deposits are refunded if the appointment is canceled. Deposit refunds may take up to 5-10 business days to land in the client's account.

You can also choose to keep the deposit or charge a Cancellation Charge in the event of a late cancellation. For more information, check out this guide.

Will My Client Receive a Receipt?

Your client will receive a receipt for the deposit by email, provided you have captured their email address in their Client Card. The email receipt mentions that the client may be charged the balance of the booking amount left to pay at the appointment if they do not adhere to your cancellation policy.

If you would like to print a paper receipt, you can do so by going to Manager > Sales > Single-click on the transaction > Receipt.


How Much Does it Cost?

For more information on the fees involved, check out this guide.

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