Can clients redeem course/series sessions in other locations/branches?

This article will show you how you can allow course/series sessions to be used in other locations/branches if you have multiple locations in Phorest.

Course/Series sessions can be redeemed in other locations where it was not sold, provided you have a particular setting enabled and have multiple locations in Phorest.

To check that setting, go to Manager > Chain Library > Courses/Series Library, then double-click on a course/series.

  Not Seeing All of Your Courses/Series?

If you're not seeing your full list of courses/series in the Chain Library, check the Also Show Courses/Series Created in Branches box.


Check to see if the This course/series can be used in other branches setting is enabled or disabled. If this setting is enabled, then any courses/series sold while that setting was enabled can be redeemed in other branches. The setting is enabled by default when creating a new course/series.


Changing this setting will not update courses/series already sold retroactively, i.e., if the setting is disabled, courses/series are sold, and then the setting is enabled again, the courses/series sold while the setting was disabled will still not be redeemable in other locations/branches (and vice versa).

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