What does the Video Consultations email that clients get after they book look like?

This article will show you what the email looks like when the client books an online video consultation. 


Important Information

To attend your Video Consultation appointment you will need to click here 5 minutes before your appointment. Please ensure you are in a quiet space with your device sufficiently charged before joining.

You can reschedule or cancel this appointment any time up to 24 hours before the scheduled time by visiting My Booking History

Prices are guideline only and can vary depending on the staff member and the service performed.

This email is a VAT receipt from Ndevor Systems Limited t/a PHOREST for the online booking fee of [booking fee value

How Does the Link Work?

When the client clicks on the "click here" button it will directly link them to your Staff Meeting Link, which can be set individually for each staff member, on their staff profile under Video Calls.

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