Where do Phorest emails come from?

This article will help you understand what your marketing emails look like to your clients.

If you send an email to any clients with an apple device on iOS 14, they may not know it's from you. This is an issue we have worked with Apple to resolve. 

What's the issue?

Currently, when you send an email to any clients using an Apple device with iOS 14. it looks like it was sent from hello@phorest.com

As a result, some of your clients may not know the email actually comes from you.

For Example; the makeup of emails from Alter Ego Salon would have looked something like this:

  • the From field was "Alter Ego Salon <alteregosalon@gmail.com>"
  • the email clients could Reply to was alteregosalon@gmail.com
  • the email was Sent as hello@phorest.com

What's changed?

We've made a slight change for emails that go to all of your clients, not just Apple iOS 14 users.

Now Alter Ego Salons emails look like this:

  • the From field is "Alter Ego Salon (we've removed the email address here)
  • the email clients could Reply to is alteregosalon@gmail.com (no change here)
  • the email was Sent as hello@phorest.com (no change here)

What do I need to do?

From now on, we strongly recommend you include your salon name in the subject line for all of your emails.

This way, clients will always know it's from you.


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