Email Marketing - Final Checklist

The Final Email Checklist 
  • Personalise -  use your 'Client First Name' & 'Salon Name' macros
  • Call to action - make sure to include online booking button or Link to Website. 
  • Put the most important piece of information at the top of the email to pull the client in. 
  • On brand - Make sure the colours and images in your email represents your salon. 
  • Always Send a Test - check your links, spellings and format of your email before you hit send!  


Most Popular Filters That We Recommend  
  • Visit History - most popular filter with salon owners who want to get a message out to clients that frequently visit their salons. Most salons will use last 6 or 12 months depending on client numbers.
  • Service History - A very popular filter for salons who like to run very specific offers like half price blow dry etc. 
  • Spend - This is a great filter if you are sending an email about a launch night or promotion a new product range. Let your top spending clients know about this before everyone else. 


 Scheduling - Recommended Times 
  • What Day to Send - It is best to send email campaigns midweek between Monday - Thursday. This is when clients are usually very active on their emails and they have a few minutes to read your email. 
  • What Time to Send - The best times to send would be around lunchtime 12-1 or between 4-5 so the client can read the email while on their commute home from work. 
  • If you send an email at lunchtime, it is good to have a staff member available at that time to answer phone calls or questions on social media about the offer or service. 
Fallback SMS - When do we recommend to use this?  
  • Fallback SMS is a cost effective way to make sure your email campaign gets to all your clients and no one is missing out on the offers or information in the email. 
  • Most salons would only have email addresses for around 30% of their client base. When they see this number for themselves it can encourage them to try and collect more email addresses when checking clients in and out.  


Campaign Performance 
  • Opens and Clicks - check the campaign performance 3 days after the email was sent. This allows you to compare your campaign to previous campaigns and helps you to figure out what works well with your clients and what doesn’t. 
  • ROI - It is important to include a booking link if you are promoting an offer or new service to track the direct and indirect revenue from the campaign. This helps you to plan ahead and decide if you should run future offers.  
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