How do I remove a staff shift or time off from the Staff Roster?

This article will show you how to remove scheduled shifts and days off from the staff roster.

Go to Manager > Staff Rosters, and single-click on the shift you want to remove.


To begin removing the shift, click on the Delete button.


Removing a Single Shift

If you only want to remove the shift you clicked on, select Delete this day only > Delete.


Removing Multiple Shifts

If you want to remove multiple future shifts from the staff roster, select Delete multiple, then choose the days and the time frames and click Delete.


Note: Selecting Delete multiple will only delete shifts from (and including) the shift you initially selected onward, and will not remove any shifts in the past.

Removing All Future Shifts

If you want to remove all future shifts for a particular staff member, select Delete multiple and click every day of the week under the Every section. Set Frequency to Every week, and set Until to Forever.

This will remove all future shifts for that staff member, including the shift you originally clicked. No past shifts will be affected.


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